How this 4 Step process helped me to elevate my business from Zero to Hero

No matter who you are or whatever you are doing right now, this one question will always bug you in your life tenure on this earth: Can anyone start from scratch and transform the business into billion dollar enterprise with just a few resources?

As a serial Entrepreneur & a digital fervid in a digital agency in UAE, I’ve worked with so many small businesses & Entrepreneurs.  What I concluded is that there is one thing that is common among all the brands. That is, they all have some considerable amount of budget for their digital marketing, but how they spend is entirely a different story.

Unfortunately, just like myself, many businesses waste millions of dollars on starting a business but after some time ran out of money. What are the reasons that took their dream and broke them into pieces?

In this blog, I will try my best to stir your assumption that it is even possible to start a business with just a few bucks. What you really need is ‘how to manage those bucks’ I started from ground zero and made my way up to the hilltop if I can do it, so can you.

Any person can kick start the business. Here’s how I did it:

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Why Investing in Business Stationery Design is Worth the Effort?

When it comes to starting your own business, or trying to increase the revenue and sales of an established entity, there are some techniques that online marketers try to execute. Business marketers conduct surveys to determine what their customer want and what are their preferences.


You may try some effective marketing techniques, banner advertising, email marketing, launch a new product or do anything that can increase your profits and sales. While all these ideas are effective for your branding, it is important for business marketers to don’t underestimate the power of business stationery.

When it comes to branding your logo or company name, business stationery plays a key role in this regard. A well-designed stationery design can make your brand stand out from others who simply overlook the tinier details of successful marketing. Remember your business stationery is a small thing, but it can do wonders for your business.

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How to Succeed in Business with these Amazing Hacks

Do you know that 40% of young people want to start their own business, because they want to be their own boss? There are a number of aspiring entrepreneurs, if truth be told, millions. But in reality, only a few people ever dare to start a business.


Some get used to of 9-5 job that they can’t afford to give up due to family obligations. Others think how difficult and challenging it is to start your own business and succeed in it without really trying and they give up. And sometimes life just can’t give a chance to make entrepreneurship attainable.
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10 Logo Design Mistakes You Should Not Commit [Infographics]

A logo design is undeniably the most important aspect of any brand to convey what your brand does, and its personality. If truth be told, a logo must be designed in a way that it truly tells your brand story clearly, instantly and effectively. Believe it or not, creating a great logo design for your business is tough, even the most famous brands get it wrong. Gap updated it’s logo in 2010 and within a week they realized that they did a mistake. Yahoo also rode out a challenging reception to their logo rebranding efforts.


Since there is no standard formula for creating an epic logo design – it only involves a high level of creative flair. The logo design process involves how to convey a message using colors, symbols and graphics.

Your brand logo should be unique and original. It is highly advised to avoid these Logo design mistakes, otherwise it puts your brand at risk. Usually brands make these mistakes while designing a logo:

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How You Can Maximize Website Engagement to Improve Search Rankings?

Your website click-through rate is indispensably an important element. Though it doesn’t directly impact on your rankings, it can indirectly affect your metrics. And if you want to improve the CTR, your website rankings and conversion rate can increase dramatically.


Since having a great organic click-through rate is important, having more website engagement metrics matter most. What value you offer to thousands of users to click on your brilliant CTAs and if those users bounce off from your website within a few seconds, then what’s the point of your website.

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Tips for Creating an Awesome Brochure Design for any Event

A brochure design is an effective promotional material to market your products, services or app while increasing your brand awareness. It truly reflects about your business vision while informing your prospective clients about your services, apps or products. If your company is sponsoring any corporate event, then promoting your business through brochure design is a wise choice. It can not only inform readers about the event and encourage readers to attend your event, but it can also build brand awareness. Dubai Monsters has created an infographics on creating an awesome event brochure design in which they help designers to come up with a corporate identity design that can really make a great difference.

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Add Instagram to Your Marketing Strategy, Here’s Why?

If you want to use Instagram for your business and build targeted and massive following, take a look at this infographic created by Dubai Monsters that has clearly explained how using it correctly can increase your customer-bases, your website traffic and helps your brand to succeed on social media.

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