Startup Your Business in Dubai – UAE

Dubai is dream land for businesses due to the economic diversity and the easy tax laws it imposes on all the business owners and industrialists who wish to set up businesses in the country. Since Dubai is among the leading nations who are economically stable, therefore, they provide a lucrative chance for all the individuals who have the flair of entrepreneurship to establish their business venture in UAE.


Current market trends in Dubai offers sufficient opportunities for both national and international investors to tap into the Dubai market to not only benefit from the growing number of inhabitants in the country but to also benefit from the increasing tourist traffic of the city. To start your very own venture you need to get acquainted with various facts associated with the way of doing business in Dubai and to avoid any inconveniences that might happen in the process. To educate the entrepreneurs on how can they build a successful business venture in Dubai and run it for profitability, Dubai Monsters, a leading website design agency in Dubai, brings to you these do’s and dont’s of doing business in the UAE region.
Some do’s and dont’s for startups in Dubai

       Select a local website design agency for your online presence

Online presence is important. The shift of users towards the internet for research and transactional purposes have lit-up the need of acquiring a professional website for your business that will also serve as an online representative of you on the internet, always. Not only can a customer be able to grab fetch necessary information from your website but also, they will be able to make online purchases if you have enabled the mechanism on your website. For acquiring a corporate website design, get in touch with a local website design service that not only does professional work but in affordable charges.

       Select a free-zone to fully own your business

Bear in mind that the only way to run a startup successfully in Dubai, without taking a Dubai national acting as your partner is to locate your business in one of the free zones. This idea, however, is not suitable for businesses that are based on public dealing structure, like that of a restaurant or an apparel outlet, etc. also bear in mind that purchase in the free trade zone district can be more than the budget you have set for the purpose.

Here are the advantages that a free trade zone in Dubai offers to business owners:

100% ownership
Speedy startup
Duty-Free customs boundary.

    Select a location that optimizes suitability and convenience

Another important step in planning a startup in Dubai is to determine the most appropriate location for your business venture. Setting up a profit-based enterprise in the city wouldn’t do you much good despite the growing economy if you’re customers or clients can’t reach you. If you are planning a Free Zone company then you must make the selection based upon the criteria of distance, costs and if it is suitable for your product, business model, and trade requirements.

          Do not finalize a location before physical inspection

Often the published information for a free zone gives a wide choice of offices to the business owners. The actual availability keeps changing. A business startup normally looks for the cheapest option. It is probable that when you physically go for the registration of the company, you may find that only certain office sizes are available. This will throw your budget into dismay. It may be too late to change your free zone then, or it may happen that certain offices allow only 1 visa, that too only for investor and not for the employees. So, do not proceed until all aspects of the office are confirmed.

         Do not open a bank account without confirming the bank charges

Banks levy varying charges. For startups, these can amount to a substantial sum for a bank dependent operation. Always confirm the requirements and charges beforehand. Choosing a bank only on its reputation is a plain negligence any budding business owner could do.

          Do not sign a sponsorship with local sponsor without a written legal agreement

Your business startup may need a lot of financial support, at least in its initial years. A local sponsor may want to charge separately for some services. Do not go ahead with sponsorship until both sides have agreed on what to expect from each other and a written agreement is drawn up and attested in the local court. Do not rely only on verbal understanding.

In the end, I only want to mention that these do’s and dont’s of owning a startup in Dubai are the important ones but do not complete the entire picture of things to avoid when it comes to owning an entrepreneurial venture in UAE. To be sure on every aspect of owning a self-business, agents are there to help you out. Get in touch with one or ask your local website design agency in setting up one for you.

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What should you Consider While Hiring a Responsive Website Designer?

Responsive website design and development is not only the rising and most promising path available to tech-lovers these days but it is also the most prominently growing industry across the globe. Thanks to the increasing usage of the internet and the entertainment and infotainment associated with it, today we have responsive website designs available for almost everything that we do. Starting from giving early education to our children to as advanced as learning virtual flight simulation and so on…

But when it comes to clients and selection of a responsive web design agency in Dubai, we suggest all the readers follow these steps of selection that can help them in landing a win-win deal with any website development service.
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How Often should you Redesign your Business Website?

As your business thrives and grows, you will find that the website design that you initially started with, is no longer supportive enough to manage the wide array of services that you provide and has lost its charm, gradually. In any such instances, a re-design or what we may refer to as, re-skinning can be done, which is the change in the layout, visual appearances and or additions or subtractions in the content or web elements, which will help in expanding or updating the overall aura and personality of your online brand. But, like any re-design process, a website re-design is also time-consuming and thought-provoking. Before embarking on a journey or re-designing your business website, we being a professional website design service in Dubai, would like to instruct you to first ask yourself these three questions:

When is the right time to re-design my website?

Honestly speaking, there is no specific time that calls for a complete re-design of your website. It can be six months, a year or even more. The need to re-design depends entirely on the kind of industry you are dealing in, along with the kind of response your website is getting in terms of online visitors and leads. If any of the criteria are not performing to par, consider it an alarm to start re-designing your professional website.

If you are deciding whether to combine a re-design with a rebuild of your website’s platform, functionality, and core architecture, first ensure that the redesign will improve the likelihood of meeting your overall web-goals. You do not always have to or want to rebuild and a redevelop, especially if the change is likely to be too drastic for your current customers. The existing look and feel of your website may not justify a re-design, or it may be cost or time prohibitive to address a rebuild and a re-development at the same time. While it is typically less expensive to complete both tasks at once, this ultimately depends on whether you can afford their combined cost.

How can a website re-design help me?

While it is important to note that a re-design will not improve poor website functionalities that are related to poor performance in terms of conversions, less number of online traffic and a higher bounce rate, it can definitely enhance the overall online user experience (UX) of your entire brand. A re-design can also strengthen engagement of repeat visitors with your web page who began to lose interest or who’s recurrence of visits are on a declining trend, along with creating a more positive picture of your company by highlighting your products, providing the much-needed limelight to your new offerings/discounts and focusing on the value of money for a satisfied customer experience.

What should I avoid when re-designing my website?

If your website is performing well, but you need to re-design it to reflect new branding or content, take care to avoid alienating your current visitors. If they cannot find information on your new website, you may quickly lose a potential lead. Similarly, if your website is performing well with the new visitors, try to refrain from fixing it for the sheer sake of change. A/B testing is a great way to ensure that whatever changes you do are truly more successful than your website’s current iteration. Finally, identify which content is most important to your website before you re-design it, as the removal or reorganization of this information may negatively impact your overall organic traffic.

As the above paragraphs demonstrate, redesigning your company’s website may not be necessary for every situation, or you may not be able to devote resources to a redesign. Luckily, there are steps you can take to minimize the need for frequent re-designs.

For instance, you can produce content like articles or blog posts on industry news or subjects that are relevant to your product or service. Highlight this content, as well as any other new information, with a call-to-action (CTA), a banner or header, or a “latest news?” section. Even if you do not have new content, changing the images on your homepage can keep the fresh and interesting feel alive. With this infusion of new material and the occasional re-designs, you can build an ongoing relationship with your customers and leads, and you can ensure that your company remains at the forefront of their minds.

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Top Mobile Design Trends you Need to Incorporate in Websites Now

Mobile. The word literally means a world to each of us now. Ever imagined how difficult it is to even imagine ourselves without our mobile phones. The mere thought of not having it with us, the lack of communication, the internet, entertainment sends us deep into the pit of dark sorrows, and we instantly shake our minds back to reality.
Mobile has become the most important life device for us all, and thus it provided a boom to its complementing businesses. Many companies have moved beyond the simple responsive website design and have started creating interfaces designed to rejoice the brand’s image and maximize online conversions.
Google is a great example of this. Just recently, it launched rich cards and testing a variety of other mobile trends weekly. Let us look at some prevailing mobile trends of today:

Diffused backgrounds

To let the entire look of a mobile website slicker, designers are putting a diffused background behind the user interface. Here, diffused is referring to a techier form of “blur”. The popularity of blurred backgrounds gained pace from a popular social media network, Twitter. Since then the concept gained pace and worked its way into the mobile web space.

Less is enough

Although the modern mobile space provides you the room to experience with different forms of designs, however, many professional website design agencies in Dubai are opting to keep things more towards the simpler side.
The main motivation behind keeping the design simple is that it improves conversions by letting online visitors access the information that they are looking for.

The Bigger the Better

It will come as a surprise to nobody that mobile screen sizes can be very small. That’s why designers are opting for easy-to-read, large fonts.
Simply put: It’s user-hostile if a mobile user has to enlarge the font manually just to read what’s on the screen. It’s also a bad idea to ignore users who might not have perfect vision.
That’s why large, bold fonts are a favorite of modern developers. They offer a better user experience than what some people are seeing on other websites.

Subtle Colors all the way

It was once the case that mobile designers preferred bright, almost noisy colors in their designs. That era has passed.
Now, mobile developers are opting for subtle colors that do little more than provide an accent to the user interface. That way, the screen doesn’t appear too “busy” and users can find what they want easily.
Another trend is emerging along these lines: Mobile designers are using colors consistent with the brand’s image and/or logo. For example, a website designed for a female audience might use pink pastels while an environmental site would opt for subtle shades of green.

And Yet Mobile Is Getting Bigger

Although wearable technology is certainly going to gain traction going forward, there’s another mobile trend that’s moving in the opposite direction. People are opting for bigger screens on their mobile devices.
The emergence of the phablet (a cross between a phone and a tablet) makes it clear that there’s a market for mobile devices with large screens. That’s why designers are ensuring that their responsive development accommodates screens of various sizes.

Final word

The above-mentioned trends are only the few that are held in high regards by professional designers and business owners in the current era. There are a couple of trends more, about which I will write in my future posts. Till then, keep posted and enjoy the latest about a website and design on our blog.
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3 Common SEO Mistakes that Destroy Real-Estate Websites

Real estate is all about selling in a highly-competitive market. The need for homes and living-spaces is one which may never cease to exist, which makes real estate a sector and sphere that is constantly marketing and selling.

When choosing to buy a residence, or investing in property, realtors acknowledge that quite a lot of emotion and sentiment goes behind such decisions; for many buyers, these sort of stakes run high and only crop up once in a lifetime. Coupled with the huge bite it takes out of savings and salaries, real estate is a business that runs on high stakes and risks. The business is widespread and varied; if buyers are not effectively engaged with the services one business is offering, they can very well turn towards another.

With technology digging its talons deep in the ever-evolving world of business, it is crucial to understand the importance and gain from establishing an online presence. In order to better connect with and engage existing and potential buyers, real estate websites may proffer a variety of content.

So with a business that is so inherently competitive, an online presence simply does not make the cut alone. These websites must be primed and prepped to be Search Engine Optimized. To ensure that theirs is the first website that an engine’s search results offer, these businesses must be careful to produce and format content in ways that appeal to both software engines and humans.

Having established that, here are 3 common SEO mistakes that destroy real estate websites.

· Overcrowding with keywords

Search engines have become increasingly smart, with algorithms constantly being updated and refined. Simply stuffing a website’s content with keywords will no longer be effective; prominent players like Google have honed their search engines to only rank those websites or articles higher which allow for a more natural, human reading.

This means that websites and content producers now have to write for target audiences, as opposed to writing for search engines. This makes the task of producing content slightly more challenging; it has to be a coherent, engaging read, sprinkled with a few keywords that do not make the content appear garbled and confusing.

Picking out appealing, relevant topics and titles and then producing content that is just as refined and engaging – these are the modern-day priorities of any real estate business hoping to get their website search engine optimized.

· Linking to unsafe external sites

This one is quite simple: given that you are trying to attract real potential customers to your website and business, it is best not to give in to click-bait gimmicks and link your site to several unsafe external areas online.

For reasons of gaining greater financial gain, some real estate websites partner with questionable advertisers, who redirect online traffic to harmful and unsafe sites externally. Not only does this not fare well in terms of getting your website optimized for any safe search engine, but it also ruins customer loyalty and the chances of people accessing your website in the future.

· Not letting a professional handle it

The right kind of SEO does not come cheap, and is not up the alley of any novice. Do not try to place a restrictive budget on a professional, particularly if your business depends entirely on an effective and engaging online presence.

Professional SEO-based writers, such as Dubai Monsters, understand the updates of search engine algorithms, and how to produce appealing quality content. Hiring a professional should be considered as a mandatory investment to ensure the right kind of traffic is directed towards your website and business.

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The Ultimate Guide for Newbies in Web Design

Internet has successfully revolutionized businesses today to the extent that how customers interact online has evolved. Every time we are to find something, we seek help from the Internet. – Original Source “Dubai Monsters” See more at: