7 Factors that Influence User Experience of Your Mobile App Design

What is user experience? User experience is the person’s emotions that are built by using a product, a system or a service. It includes the practical, experiential, effective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human–computer interaction and product ownership. User experience is very important for the technology products and services that we use today, commonly known as websites and mobile applications. This term is coined by Don Norman when he was vice president of Advanced Technology Group at Apple. The term was invented so that significant importance should be given to the features that makes up the user experience pleasant. A superior user experience not only accounts for the success of the product, but also acts as a free publicity media that starts from one user and spreads through word of mouth publicity, allowing the mobile app to reach a level that is not even imagined by the creator. This infographic talks about some of the important elements that should be included in a mobile app design and those who can account for creating a winning mobile app user experience for the app customers.


Infographics Source: https://www.branex.ae/blog/infographics/7-factors-influence-user-experience-mobile-app-design/


Brand Building Strategies and Facts Every Startup Needs to Know

When it comes to branding, it is not simply about creating a visually appealing website design, or a hip logo, or it is not about just for large corporations. It is basically a way of explaining your identity to the whole world, helping your target audience and customers to emotionally connect with your business. If you are a startup or a small business, then you surely want to build and shape your brand online. But before that, it is important to know your brand values, your customers interest, your brand attributes, personality and your brand story. When you have all the basics, you will be able to create a recognizable brand. Branex has shared some brand building tips for your small business in this interesting infographic, check it out!


Source: https://www.branex.ae/blog/infographics/brand-building-strategies-for-startup/

Personalization in UX Design with Microinteractions [Infographic]

In web design industry, first impression is everything for users. This is the reason, web designers put their shoulder to the wheel to create a more valuable and interactive interfaces so that they will be able to keep people glued to a website for long. While considering the human-centered approach, web designers need to make sure that the interface is user friendly enough and provides a good experience.


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10 Logo Design Mistakes You Should Not Commit [Infographics]

A logo design is undeniably the most important aspect of any brand to convey what your brand does, and its personality. If truth be told, a logo must be designed in a way that it truly tells your brand story clearly, instantly and effectively. Believe it or not, creating a great logo design for your business is tough, even the most famous brands get it wrong. Gap updated it’s logo in 2010 and within a week they realized that they did a mistake. Yahoo also rode out a challenging reception to their logo rebranding efforts.


Since there is no standard formula for creating an epic logo design – it only involves a high level of creative flair. The logo design process involves how to convey a message using colors, symbols and graphics.

Your brand logo should be unique and original. It is highly advised to avoid these Logo design mistakes, otherwise it puts your brand at risk. Usually brands make these mistakes while designing a logo:

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How Remarketing can increase your Brand’s Revenue

Believe it or not, remarketing is a powerful branding tools for brands, helping them to increase their brand awareness and online presence. There are many brands who have already started promoting their brands using PPC campaigns, and organic optimization techniques.


Retargeting techniques allow businesses to reach their potential clients who have once visited your website, by showing them relevant advertisement as they visit some other websites.

To increase effectiveness of your branding efforts, Dubai Monsters has made an infographic on “How Remarketing can increase your Brand’s Revenue”, in which they explained, how to implement remarketing strategies to increase your brand awareness, customer engagement and generate more ROI.

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Tips for Creating an Awesome Brochure Design for any Event

A brochure design is an effective promotional material to market your products, services or app while increasing your brand awareness. It truly reflects about your business vision while informing your prospective clients about your services, apps or products. If your company is sponsoring any corporate event, then promoting your business through brochure design is a wise choice. It can not only inform readers about the event and encourage readers to attend your event, but it can also build brand awareness. Dubai Monsters has created an infographics on creating an awesome event brochure design in which they help designers to come up with a corporate identity design that can really make a great difference.

Infographics Appeared on Dubai Monsters Blog: https://www.branex.ae/blog/infographics/creating-brochure-design-event-for-any-event/


20 Famous Brands that have Undergone a Successful Name Change – [Infographic]

Too often, in the digital world, entrepreneurs treat a brand name as an afterthought, absent-mindedly decide on either a descriptive slurp, something goofy or just use a product name instead of an actual brand name. It is very tough to get your brand name right and experience the unavoidable pain of logo redesign.

No matter if your original brand name is too descriptive, is not the right fit for your business, or simply doesn’t complement with your brand’s vision, there are a number of other reasons why companies name just does not work. But before you launch your business name, it is critical to make sure you have found the right name for your brand. Don’t feel scared to change it, as there are big names who underwent a name change and came up with better and improved versions.

A brand’s name can either make your business or break it. Did you know that many famous brands actually started out with completely different names? Check out this infographic below and find out which famous brands had changed their names and so logos.

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