How this 4 Step process helped me to elevate my business from Zero to Hero

No matter who you are or whatever you are doing right now, this one question will always bug you in your life tenure on this earth: Can anyone start from scratch and transform the business into billion dollar enterprise with just a few resources?

As a serial Entrepreneur & a digital fervid in a digital agency in UAE, I’ve worked with so many small businesses & Entrepreneurs.  What I concluded is that there is one thing that is common among all the brands. That is, they all have some considerable amount of budget for their digital marketing, but how they spend is entirely a different story.

Unfortunately, just like myself, many businesses waste millions of dollars on starting a business but after some time ran out of money. What are the reasons that took their dream and broke them into pieces?

In this blog, I will try my best to stir your assumption that it is even possible to start a business with just a few bucks. What you really need is ‘how to manage those bucks’ I started from ground zero and made my way up to the hilltop if I can do it, so can you.

Any person can kick start the business. Here’s how I did it:

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How to Succeed in Business with these Amazing Hacks

Do you know that 40% of young people want to start their own business, because they want to be their own boss? There are a number of aspiring entrepreneurs, if truth be told, millions. But in reality, only a few people ever dare to start a business.


Some get used to of 9-5 job that they can’t afford to give up due to family obligations. Others think how difficult and challenging it is to start your own business and succeed in it without really trying and they give up. And sometimes life just can’t give a chance to make entrepreneurship attainable.
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Latest Mobile Design Trends that will Shape the Future of Web Design

We have been living in a world of minimal and simplicity for quite long, so what does the future hold for the mobile and web design industry?

Modern technological advancements shape the development of nearly all fields. These changes tend to establish new rules and trends for a specific industry. The mobile market is no different.

We have been living in a world of minimal and simplicity for quite long, so what does the future hold for the mobile and web design industry?

Modern technological advancements shape the development of nearly all fields. These changes tend to establish new rules and trends for a specific industry. The mobile market is no different.

When it comes to mobile app design trends, they are usually introduced as the new look of OS, improved functionality, rise of newly developed portable devices and much more. Mobile design standards change from time to time, UI/UX designers now adopting minimalism and simple, intuitive interface that allow users immerse in the new operating system easily.

Over the last few years, mobile has become the most important device for everyone. As a result, more and more mobile design trends are booming. There are many businesses who have already revised their responsive web design strategy and now they are moving towards user interfaces especially designed to polish their brand’s image and increase conversions.

Here I have listed top 5 mobile design trends for 2017 that will drive the future of web design.

1. Material Design

It remained in demand for the last few years and it is called as the catchiest mobile design trend. The main purpose of this trend is to make it easier for users to engage with different platforms. The trend is basically originated from flat design and it will remain trendy for the year 2017 and beyond. Nowadays more and more UI designers are implemented Material Design in different platforms.

The standard version of flat design is modified and included some attributes such as glow visual effects, gradients, shadows along with translucent components. But the functionality and user-friendliness remain the same. Material Design delivers the best users’ experience and easier interaction due to simple colors, clear iconography and improved functionality. Above all, providing better user experience, they make the hierarchy clear for the end user.

Moreover, it doesn’t limit designers to show their creative flair and to add new improvements and modifications. Google various applications such as Google Drive, Google Maps and Gmail meet the standards of Material Design. Other famous platforms Tumblr, Evernote, Telegram have also updated according to the flat design guidelines.

2. Card Layouts and Swipe Navigation

Card layouts is another great trend that can improve the UX by making it interactive, dynamic and engaging. Though this trend is made its debut in 2014 and it is still ruling the mobile app industry and shaping the UX standards and tendencies. The main objective of this trend is to keep UI designers focus more functionality instead of visual effects.

The idea of card layouts is to combine all the important information displaying in special boxes that are outlined differently and provide an easy access to more information with a single tap. Now this mobile app design approach is in great demand among users because it delivers a convenient and efficient user interaction along with important information contained within the separate outlined boxes. This feasibility allows users to sort out and easily organize all the available apps on their devise according to their needs and preferences.

Some popular companies have already started using a wide range of card layouts in boards and feeds. Some famous card layout examples are Facebook, Tweeter, Tinder, Trello and more. Now swipe navigation has become more convenient due to this emerging mobile design trend.

Another great advantage of card layouts is that they not only meet the need of users and designers, but it allows users to simply tap the screen and get a full access to any additional information. These cards are easy to navigate while providing a useful information.

3. Use of Different Colors

Regardless of the fact, white backgrounds and subtle color scheme have been a most demanding trend for a long time introduced by material design, new advancements show new rules and addition of some vibrant colors along with some bold backgrounds.

Though every color defines a meaning of a particular element, material design comes as the most flexible trend that allows both subtle and vibrant colors. Some applications are still sticking to white background and the latest statistics show that more than 80% of all mobile apps use default white backgrounds. However, a few of them go for different colors.

On the other hand, users should have a chance to opt for colors of their choice. In addition, designers must be more flexible considering all these key factors to provide a great user experience.

4. Motion/Functional Animation

This mobile app design trend has debuted in 2015 and according to many experienced UI/UX designers, the motion or functional animation is the main trend for the mobile industry. As it allows users immerse in the process of interaction with the app as well as provides an improve user experience.

The basic idea is not simply to create animation, it serves both logical and entertaining objectives as well. If we compare this to material design that is supposed to be practical, responsive and vivid at the same time, the functional animation trend does not limit UI designers in their creative flair. It can be implemented in different devices regardless of their OS, this functional animation type has a few incompatible features that still follow a specific goal.

So, whenever you want to provide more engaging, dynamic, interactive UX, implement these great features of animated response, zooming and visual effects. There are a wide range of effects and responses you can choose to fit a specific style. The basic objective of this functional animation trend is to allow users understand the mobile app and feel it real. This latest mobile trend enables an entertaining and fun interaction which is certainly every user wants.

5. Wearable Mobile Trend

Not only smartphones, tablets, phablets, but wearable devices should be taken into account when we talk about design trends. Wearable devices such as watches and glasses have already taken the audience by storm and are predicted to take strong position in the digital industry in near future. A research suggests that more than 200 million wearable gadgets will be sold by 2019. It clearly indicates that it is the peak time for UI/UX designers to learn the latest concepts and standards to deliver the best, catchy, award-winning design that can implement in wearable devices.

In addition, users must have the opportunity to integrate all functions and tools with their portable gadget. Incorporating an efficient UI/UX design for wearable devices such as Apple Watch, Android Wear has made it challenging for experts in this industry. It results in various intricate features along with some limitations when it comes to the size of the particular device. The main obstacle is related to the need to limit the quantity and functionality of data provided on the display. Designers must stay focused on all the fundamental functions, which is quite challenging. Another problem is about UI/UX design implementation that offer limited user interaction with a wearable device. Designers must need to consider all these complex details from text size to legibility.

Whenever you want to meet all the functional needs, all you need to consider less animation, darker backgrounds and hidden menus. Otherwise, you will fail to deliver functionality along with a product that looks good.


Sticking to the latest trends and standards is actually a great idea. Designers need to adopt new tendencies to meet users’ expectations. The main goal is to allow users access all the necessary apps and functions via thumbs without facing any obstacles.

Though the main UI/UX direction is still the same and there is no dramatic advancement yet. Designers use all these latest mobile app design trends and approaches while focusing on functionality and interaction. The size of a device always matters most when it comes to design. It shows that material concept will still be the main trend for at least the next few years.

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Top 8 Web Design Trends Your Startup Needs to Stand Out in 2017

Trends are eminent changes that usually occur in every creative industry, and web design is no different. The web design industry is constantly changing and evolving because of innovation, experimentation and modification. A multitude of new trends and styles are the driving factors for change, which lead an industry towards the betterment.

In 2016, we have seen a lot of great website designs, and now it’s time to see what 2017 has in store for the web design industry. We have already started observing some web design trends that are sure to dominate websites in 2017.

Here, we will look at top 8 web design trends which will continue through 2017 to help business owners attract more visitors to their website and achieve their conversion goals in 2017.


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4 Strategies to Convince Your Clients to Invest in a Great Web Design

Creating a beautifully designed and functional website is no longer difficult or expensive if you are looking to launch your startup or grow your business in Dubai or any other place. It has now become the utmost necessity.


If you are a startup and have a limited budget, or you are an entrepreneur willing to do all things on your own. But you are unwilling to invest in your business website design, then you are better off having never started your company.

When it comes to define a great web design, clients and web designers hardly see eye-to-eye. Clients usually want big logo designs, lengthy text, weird color palette and different other web design elements that generally don’t go well with the business website.

A minimalist approach to develop a website with clean lines, less text, a curated color scheme and more white space is what that can make any business website successful. A professional web designer knows the real meaning and importance of these web design elements that can simply make a good web design. Remember: a good web design is always effective.

Here are the 4 best strategies that every web design company should use to convince their clients that great web design is really worth the investment.

1. Remove the Knowledge Gap

A great design conveys the intended goals (both visually and as a utility) with a little distraction as possible. One of the greatest challenges web designers usually face is getting the client to understand the true meaning of a great design and of course the difference between a good design and not-so-good design.

Being succinct in design and in conveying the real meaning of your business by keeping the minimalist approach in mind is not an easy feat. And this is what your web design clients need to really understand and pay for it.

Business owners should understand that it is not about investing in any given design, it is all about what elements should be added in a web design and what not. If you want to add tons of elements in your web design, a visitor will never come back to your website. Therefore, it is always worth investing in a professional web design team because they know what words, graphics, fonts and other effective elements should be used in a website to better communicate the vision of your organization.

2. Come Up with a Web Design Project Plan

Web designers should take the time to create a framework prior to working on a web design project. And it is very important to share it with your potential clients, if possible, arrange a meeting to review it together. This will not only help you remove the knowledge gap but give you an opportunity to convince your clients about how certain design elements can greatly impact others and how some adjustments can do wonders for your business website.

Getting some pain or awkwardness out of the way at the onset can greatly contribute to happy designer-client relationship till end. In addition, having the same strategy in mind from the start of a web design project will ensure less revisions and on-budget end product with perfect satisfaction.

3. Meet Your Clients’ Expectations

I know it is easier said than done, but meeting your clients’ expectations is something that you should not overlook. Discuss the requirements with your clients to understand their business ideas so that you can convey the right message of your client’s business website to their customers.

Show some initial drafts that feature all sorts of illogical or pathetic design ideas (that are usually driven by clients because of lack of technical knowledge). Compare that with your final, perfectly designed product and ask the client what they think the purpose of the design was in the initial version and then in this final draft. Many times, you want to add the X factor in the design, but most of the time you need to remove that X factor to allow the client’s message to be perfectly communicated.

4. Ask Questions to Find Out the Clear Meaning

Though convincing your clients of the value (ROI) of a great web design is very challenging, it is crucial indeed. Ask as many questions as possible to convince your client. Ask them the important message that their website, logo design, landing page, flyer design or brochure design needs to convey? What is the intended outcome they would like for their website, like click on CTA, fill the contact us form, or just scroll up and down to get the information?

Repeat this exercise over and over until the actual meaning is finally revealed. Often time clients also want web designers to help them out in understanding the real purpose. And this is why they hire a professional web design agency.

Bringing it All Together

You can use these 4 strategies frequently and successfully to communicate to your clients that a great web design has a valuable ROI. Inform your clients about the differences between a great design and bad ones so that they can understand why good design is worth the investment.

Startups concerned with an authentic brand identity should seek professional web design services to get your website designed that fit perfectly to the products and services you offer.

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Character & Word Limits for Optimal Online Reach

After working in the online/digital branding industry for more than 4 years now, I often come across clients who wish to know the exact lengths of words, phrases and posts that could lead to maximum virility of their social media updates, like tweets and status and any other form of informational/entertainment or promotional post that comes under the umbrella of “online marketing.”

Along with the best tips on the ideal lengths of everything social, like tweets, headlines, blog-posts and more, I have tried and incorporated few additional lengths to the list such as the Pinterest length, slide share length and so on.

To make the entire list enticing enough for users to read and understand easily, one of the professional website design services in Dubai; Dubai Monsters created this wonderful infographic by using the figures that I researched about. Have a look! These figures are really essential for budding business owners and all the social media enthusiast who are willing to quickly make their online content go viral.


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Startup Your Business in Dubai – UAE

Dubai is dream land for businesses due to the economic diversity and the easy tax laws it imposes on all the business owners and industrialists who wish to set up businesses in the country. Since Dubai is among the leading nations who are economically stable, therefore, they provide a lucrative chance for all the individuals who have the flair of entrepreneurship to establish their business venture in UAE.


Current market trends in Dubai offers sufficient opportunities for both national and international investors to tap into the Dubai market to not only benefit from the growing number of inhabitants in the country but to also benefit from the increasing tourist traffic of the city. To start your very own venture you need to get acquainted with various facts associated with the way of doing business in Dubai and to avoid any inconveniences that might happen in the process. To educate the entrepreneurs on how can they build a successful business venture in Dubai and run it for profitability, Dubai Monsters, a leading website design agency in Dubai, brings to you these do’s and dont’s of doing business in the UAE region.
Some do’s and dont’s for startups in Dubai

       Select a local website design agency for your online presence

Online presence is important. The shift of users towards the internet for research and transactional purposes have lit-up the need of acquiring a professional website for your business that will also serve as an online representative of you on the internet, always. Not only can a customer be able to grab fetch necessary information from your website but also, they will be able to make online purchases if you have enabled the mechanism on your website. For acquiring a corporate website design, get in touch with a local website design service that not only does professional work but in affordable charges.

       Select a free-zone to fully own your business

Bear in mind that the only way to run a startup successfully in Dubai, without taking a Dubai national acting as your partner is to locate your business in one of the free zones. This idea, however, is not suitable for businesses that are based on public dealing structure, like that of a restaurant or an apparel outlet, etc. also bear in mind that purchase in the free trade zone district can be more than the budget you have set for the purpose.

Here are the advantages that a free trade zone in Dubai offers to business owners:

100% ownership
Speedy startup
Duty-Free customs boundary.

    Select a location that optimizes suitability and convenience

Another important step in planning a startup in Dubai is to determine the most appropriate location for your business venture. Setting up a profit-based enterprise in the city wouldn’t do you much good despite the growing economy if you’re customers or clients can’t reach you. If you are planning a Free Zone company then you must make the selection based upon the criteria of distance, costs and if it is suitable for your product, business model, and trade requirements.

          Do not finalize a location before physical inspection

Often the published information for a free zone gives a wide choice of offices to the business owners. The actual availability keeps changing. A business startup normally looks for the cheapest option. It is probable that when you physically go for the registration of the company, you may find that only certain office sizes are available. This will throw your budget into dismay. It may be too late to change your free zone then, or it may happen that certain offices allow only 1 visa, that too only for investor and not for the employees. So, do not proceed until all aspects of the office are confirmed.

         Do not open a bank account without confirming the bank charges

Banks levy varying charges. For startups, these can amount to a substantial sum for a bank dependent operation. Always confirm the requirements and charges beforehand. Choosing a bank only on its reputation is a plain negligence any budding business owner could do.

          Do not sign a sponsorship with local sponsor without a written legal agreement

Your business startup may need a lot of financial support, at least in its initial years. A local sponsor may want to charge separately for some services. Do not go ahead with sponsorship until both sides have agreed on what to expect from each other and a written agreement is drawn up and attested in the local court. Do not rely only on verbal understanding.

In the end, I only want to mention that these do’s and dont’s of owning a startup in Dubai are the important ones but do not complete the entire picture of things to avoid when it comes to owning an entrepreneurial venture in UAE. To be sure on every aspect of owning a self-business, agents are there to help you out. Get in touch with one or ask your local website design agency in setting up one for you.

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