10 Logo Design Mistakes You Should Not Commit [Infographics]

A logo design is undeniably the most important aspect of any brand to convey what your brand does, and its personality. If truth be told, a logo must be designed in a way that it truly tells your brand story clearly, instantly and effectively. Believe it or not, creating a great logo design for your business is tough, even the most famous brands get it wrong. Gap updated it’s logo in 2010 and within a week they realized that they did a mistake. Yahoo also rode out a challenging reception to their logo rebranding efforts.


Since there is no standard formula for creating an epic logo design – it only involves a high level of creative flair. The logo design process involves how to convey a message using colors, symbols and graphics.

Your brand logo should be unique and original. It is highly advised to avoid these Logo design mistakes, otherwise it puts your brand at risk. Usually brands make these mistakes while designing a logo:

See more at: https://www.branex.ae/blog/infographics/10-logo-design-mistakes/


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