Here’s How a Logo Design Can Help Your Startup to Grow

If your new logo design creates even a fraction of the confusion among your target audience, you must take a step back and consider some alternative options. It is recommended to consider all the future possibilities prior to designing your startup logo. Giving more importance and value to this critical element of your branding is something that can help your business grow and flourish.

Creating and choosing the right logo, is indeed a stressful yet critical for even the most experienced business owners and entrepreneurs. With the right approach and careful planning, you can come up with a perfect branding piece for your business.

If you are a new startup thinking to create your business logo, or the one undergoing a logo redesign, here are some logo design tips that can help you create the best startup logo design that will ultimately help your business to succeed.

Don’t Oversimplify it

In order to make a logo design stand out, businesses often use icons and abstract design that oversimplify the logo, making it totally irrelevant to your brand, products and services. If you want to communicate the true meaning and purpose of your business via your logo, don’t allow such stupid elements to distort the visual meaning of your brand.

Let’s take an example of new Uber’s logo here: The new logo is so incomprehensible to the consumers that it requires a clear explanation to convey its message. Unfortunately, it the most common logo design mistake that usually companies both startups and established ones make with their branding.

Keep Global Perception in Mind

One mistake that is constantly observed in logo designs is that the design is too ordinary and doesn’t have potential to reflect global markets. Use colors wisely that can be used in local as well as in global markets. If your logo design is universally recognized and valued, that is what your business needs.

KISS – Keep it Simple

Do you know the key to great logos is to keep it simple, professional and as clean as possible? Keeping it simple means eliminating anything clutter or unnecessary from the logo to make it sensible and understandable. Don’t try to be overly creative to make it extra-ordinary, instead focus on your company message and communicate it straightforwardly. Great logos have no imperfections and have smooth blend of colors and shape.

Make it Memorable

Ask yourself whether your logo is recognizable enough? Ubiquitous logos that are simple, clear and easy to recognize are something every brand needs. Choose elements that are simple, limit your color choice to two or three and works in large fonts to make it easy to memorize. Before finalizing the final draft of your logo, it is advisable to get feedback from people so that you can get the idea whether your logo has potential to draw the attention. If you don’t get a positive response, you need something unique and creative.

Keep It Clean and Professional

Professional logo designs are something that says it all about your brand, and give the impression that it is made by a highly-experienced logo designer, not an amateur and with one who has minimal experience or low budget. Give it more importance, as a logo design plays a vital role in branding and taking your business towards new heights of success.
It is Worth Investing in Your Startup Logo

You design your first logo that will probably undergo a logo redesign in near future. But once you have determined that product market fit is ready to scale, you will be able to establish a brand, which is greatly value for your business reputation. The logo design is tailor-made to convey the right meaning behind your brand. It is worth investing resources, efforts and time at this stage to get it perfect.

Consider What You Want Your Logo to Convey

Some organizations can substantially increase their outcome by selling products that actually use their logo design. The MacDonald’s M has become one of the most universally recognized branding piece, while for some companies, a simple corporate design is enough.

Figure out what you want your logo to say about your products or services and how you are going to use this branding element. Keep your intended audience in mind and then choose colors that are relevant to your buyers and business both.

Bonus Tip:

Remember brochure and flyer printing is more expensive in full colors, if your corporate branding plan includes a lot of publicizing through direct mailing and trade shows, you can opt for one or two colors in your logo. However, for online marketing, the key is sizing your logo perfectly for several formats like horizontal and vertical design to fit in every screen size.

Redesign but don’t Drastically Evolve it

The main goal of a brand is to create the feelings that encourages your target audience to act. If the brand fails to create the desired action, it is not worth it. Your business logo is created because of one single objective: to trigger your buyer’s memory and feeling great about your brand. This is the reason, logos should redesign incrementally with your brand image but never be radically evolved.

Get Assistance from Your Logo Design Team

Believe it or not, your logo is a true representative of your brand. For this, you obviously need assistance of your logo design team. It is critically important that your logo design makes sense and is memorable enough. Do some research on your target niche, get feedback from people.

There are a number of logo design agencies where you can get your logo professionally designed. They provide you with a several ideas with unlimited rounds of revision so that clients can fine tune according to their business requirements.

In a Nutshell

Your startup logo is intended to drive the awareness for the products and services you offer. It has the real power to motivate your prospects to buy your products or services. In the end, it is the value and quality you deliver to your customers that will determine the success of your business.

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