4 Strategies to Convince Your Clients to Invest in a Great Web Design

Creating a beautifully designed and functional website is no longer difficult or expensive if you are looking to launch your startup or grow your business in Dubai or any other place. It has now become the utmost necessity.


If you are a startup and have a limited budget, or you are an entrepreneur willing to do all things on your own. But you are unwilling to invest in your business website design, then you are better off having never started your company.

When it comes to define a great web design, clients and web designers hardly see eye-to-eye. Clients usually want big logo designs, lengthy text, weird color palette and different other web design elements that generally don’t go well with the business website.

A minimalist approach to develop a website with clean lines, less text, a curated color scheme and more white space is what that can make any business website successful. A professional web designer knows the real meaning and importance of these web design elements that can simply make a good web design. Remember: a good web design is always effective.

Here are the 4 best strategies that every web design company should use to convince their clients that great web design is really worth the investment.

1. Remove the Knowledge Gap

A great design conveys the intended goals (both visually and as a utility) with a little distraction as possible. One of the greatest challenges web designers usually face is getting the client to understand the true meaning of a great design and of course the difference between a good design and not-so-good design.

Being succinct in design and in conveying the real meaning of your business by keeping the minimalist approach in mind is not an easy feat. And this is what your web design clients need to really understand and pay for it.

Business owners should understand that it is not about investing in any given design, it is all about what elements should be added in a web design and what not. If you want to add tons of elements in your web design, a visitor will never come back to your website. Therefore, it is always worth investing in a professional web design team because they know what words, graphics, fonts and other effective elements should be used in a website to better communicate the vision of your organization.

2. Come Up with a Web Design Project Plan

Web designers should take the time to create a framework prior to working on a web design project. And it is very important to share it with your potential clients, if possible, arrange a meeting to review it together. This will not only help you remove the knowledge gap but give you an opportunity to convince your clients about how certain design elements can greatly impact others and how some adjustments can do wonders for your business website.

Getting some pain or awkwardness out of the way at the onset can greatly contribute to happy designer-client relationship till end. In addition, having the same strategy in mind from the start of a web design project will ensure less revisions and on-budget end product with perfect satisfaction.

3. Meet Your Clients’ Expectations

I know it is easier said than done, but meeting your clients’ expectations is something that you should not overlook. Discuss the requirements with your clients to understand their business ideas so that you can convey the right message of your client’s business website to their customers.

Show some initial drafts that feature all sorts of illogical or pathetic design ideas (that are usually driven by clients because of lack of technical knowledge). Compare that with your final, perfectly designed product and ask the client what they think the purpose of the design was in the initial version and then in this final draft. Many times, you want to add the X factor in the design, but most of the time you need to remove that X factor to allow the client’s message to be perfectly communicated.

4. Ask Questions to Find Out the Clear Meaning

Though convincing your clients of the value (ROI) of a great web design is very challenging, it is crucial indeed. Ask as many questions as possible to convince your client. Ask them the important message that their website, logo design, landing page, flyer design or brochure design needs to convey? What is the intended outcome they would like for their website, like click on CTA, fill the contact us form, or just scroll up and down to get the information?

Repeat this exercise over and over until the actual meaning is finally revealed. Often time clients also want web designers to help them out in understanding the real purpose. And this is why they hire a professional web design agency.

Bringing it All Together

You can use these 4 strategies frequently and successfully to communicate to your clients that a great web design has a valuable ROI. Inform your clients about the differences between a great design and bad ones so that they can understand why good design is worth the investment.

Startups concerned with an authentic brand identity should seek professional web design services to get your website designed that fit perfectly to the products and services you offer.

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