5 Web Design Trends to Prepare For in 2017

Man as a designer sitting at his table and working on computer

The Internet has revolutionized our lifestyle, the way we interact and methods of business. The digital world too is always in a flux. With every passing year, we observe how much has changed and to which extent are we embraced these changes.

Since business dynamics have changed, clients prefer interacting online with businesses. With all this said, websites and web design and development company play an integral role in this interaction. A website is a business’s identity online and it is the company’s representation globally, thus, it must be relevant, appealing and target audience oriented.

Technology today has enabled us to stay connected online from almost anywhere. More than 3 Billion people have access to the internet today, and these numbers are increasing, by the time you finish this article there will be thousands who will be having an internet connectivity.

With the turn of the year not that far away, the following are some of the major web design trends which you should be preparing for the coming year 2017.

1. UI/UX Framework:

Your website visitor is in a dire need to feel better on your website. If he not, he leaves and your bounce rate increases. Web designers are more inclined to provide comfortable and quality User Experience by designing eye-pleasing and user-friendly interface. In 2017, we will observe that the practice to provide maximum comfort and satisfaction to web visitors will be followed as a law.

2. The Originality of Content and Creativity:

Plagiarism has always been a daunting factor for content writers. Web sites with copied content are the most susceptive to lose their Google ranking. Content writers, as well as designers, will look forward to create and design unique content with both text and images to stay clean when Google’s crawlers crawl on their site, to get them ranked on search queries.

3. Mobile Will Get the Priority:

The year 2016 showed what internet user’s intentions are for the years to come. Their interest percentage showed how much they like to spend time with mobile phones. Mobile users have surpassed desktop users, this means the interest has shifted over the years and will continue to prevail. Businesses in 2017 should opt for a responsive website which easily scales on different screen sizes. Consult a reputable web design company in Dubai for reliable website designing services.

4. Rapid Prototyping:

Rapid prototyping is a technique which is used to fabricate small physical part using 3D computer aided data (CAD). We will see a rapid increase in using these tools for creating web designs. Tools such as Marvel and Uxpin are turning out to be effective for web designers. Moreover, the websites are launched and created using these immensely useful tools and are launched from the gadget itself instantly.

5. Storytelling and Videos:

Web sites who align their content in a storytelling manner tend to perform better than those who don’t. The inclusion of videos on the website can contribute to the storytelling power more than images or simple text. In years to come, we will be seeing more video animations than ever before, thanks to increasing internet speeds and advanced video compression methods.

This article was published by Mir Hussain – https://medium.com/@mirhussain/5-web-design-trends-to-prepare-for-in-2017-1a3f981b2c44


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